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Toyota Yaris GS 3dr, Silver, Petrol, Manual for sale in Braintree / CM77-Chequers Motor Company

Toyota Yaris GS 3dr, Silver, Petrol, Manual for sale in Braintree / CM77-Chequers Motor Company
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Toyota Yaris GS 3dr, Silver, Petrol, Manual for sale



Derivative:GS 3dr

Price: £3,995


Engine size:998cc

Location:Braintree (CM77)


This car is being sold by Chequers Motor Company, click here to get in touch with them or click here to see more of their cars for sale

Listed on 26/10/2016. Viewed 49380 times.

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Notes and directions
Just a few things to look out for to help you get the most out of your viewing:


How long is the MOT? How long is the road TAX? What service history does the vehicle have?


Are the gaps between panels equal? (if not the car could have been involved in an accident)

Look at the seals around the doors and windows for paint, if you see any the car has probably been re-sprayed, ask why.

Will the car need new tyres soon? Anything less than 5mm is getting a bit thin.

Are the tyres worn unevenly? The tracking is probably out and will need re-aligned ASAP.


Make sure the seatbelts work or you'll never make it through the next MOT.

Signs of high-mileage are: worn drivers seat, shiny steering wheel and gear knobs, worn pedal rubbers.

Damp carpets can be a sign of damaged seals around windows and doors.

Look at the steering column for signs of damage, this could indicate attempted theft.

Check the spare wheel and make sure the car has a jack.

Under The Bonnet:

Have you checked the VIN number against the vehicle documents?

Is there oil around the re-fill cap (this suggests the engine uses too much oil, ask the owner).

Is there oil or water dripping out anywhere around the engine compartment, this could be expensive to fix.

Is the oil and water low? This suggests the owner does not maintain the vehicle well.

Look at the oil filler cap, if it has a white residue the cylinder head has most likely gone, this is very expensive.

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